Michael Knowles came up with a pretty good idea to follow along with the Democrats’ plight to hold elected officials accountable for fueling and even encouraging violence and riots. And considering he hit up the still Republican-controlled Senate with his idea is not entirely outlandish.

And you know it will piss Kamala off so +1.

Take a look:


And he’s right.

She was literally trying to raise bail for people burning down buildings and assaulting others.

And he tagged them both.

God love him.

Hey, they should hold Kamala accountable as well. Consistency and stuff you know.

Sadly that seems to be the case.

Wait, good point. Anyone who follows Kamala or who voted for her should be silenced on social media and lumped in with the people she was defending.

That’s how this works, right?


Just to be safe.

And after all, safety is what’s MOST important.



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