If what Big Tech has done to Parler doesn’t scare the Hell out of you, you’re not paying attention. Sure, you can sit there and tell yourself, ‘Self, I’m not problematic and my views are ok so I’m safe,’ but the moment someone at Twitter or Amazon decides what you think isn’t AOK they can make you or your platform or even your business just disappear.

Seriously, if the ACLU which is usually super liberal is tossing up red flags here you know it’s bad.

Glenn Greenwald did an exceptional job of explaining all of this:

We were shocked to see the ACLU speak out about this. Seriously.

They are in a way their own government at this point.

Shutting down sites like Parler is a slippery slope … and even the Left knows it.


Wow. The planning was largely done on Facebook.

So, when does Amazon shut them down?

Research? Investigating? REAL JOURNALISM?!

Get outta here.

Ding ding ding.

Probably not very many.

Yikes, right?



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