Maybe Sleepy Joe missed it but the government shutting down the country during COVID didn’t care if the small business in question was owned by a purple transgender leprechaun because they all suffered. Skin color, sex, gender didn’t matter as millions of Americans lost their jobs and their livelihoods so the government could ‘keep them safe.’ NOW that same government wants to play identity politics while fixing their mess?


C’mon man!

Watch this train-wreck:

Think Biden has any idea what he’s actually saying here? Yeah, we don’t either.

‘Our focus will be on small business but if you’re a white guy you’re effed.’

Man, all of that unity is starting to wear us out.


If we don’t laugh we’ll never stop crying.

There it is.

Wanna help small businesses? Get rid of the ridiculous regulations and open the damn country.


What else would you expect from the great uniters in the Democratic Party?



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