In case you’re a parent who is lucky enough to have a school board that is listening to actual data and science and putting students before teacher’s unions we thought we’d share with you what parents who are stuck with school boards beholden to the unions are up against.

Margaret Lorber is a school board member in Alexandria, VA. who all but accused parents who are desperate for their children to be in school of choosing death for them.

Watch this garbage:

YIKES, that face.

Do you want your child to be alive or to be educated?

What a COW.


But that doesn’t help or serve the union’s agenda.

Only certain experts matter ya’ know. And only when they push certain narratives.

And on and on and on.

But until the Virginia Teacher’s Association gets on board school board members like Lorber will keep our kids out of the classroom. Gross, right? Shameful even?

She should resign.

But she won’t.

Because as we see time and time again there are never any consequences for this crap.

Zero children.

WTF is she doing on a school board? Oh, that’s right, the union put her there.

Gosh, that would be a consequence.

Thinking we need to see more of this. Much more if we want anything to change.

Personal note: Usually we don’t write in the first person but as a parent in Virginia who has been going through something very similar I have to say something. We are supposedly a ‘right-to-work’ state and the ‘education association’ here has been chomping at the bit to start collective bargaining. Thanks to a very liberal General Assembly, if they can reach a certain percentage in membership they can begin collectively bargaining so they have been using COVID as a means to throttle districts, school boards, parents, and yes, our students.

Sadly, our local media is more than happy to write about the poor pro-union teacher who is scared to work and yet they ignore the thousands of kids stuck in virtual to appease an association that supposedly cares about them. Clearly, they only care about their own association.

My school board meets next week to decide the fate of my kids who have been in virtual since March of 2020; they have had exactly six days in the classroom since then before they pulled us out again over a magical metric. There is nothing worse than feeling completely powerless about your children and please, when someone tells you how frustrated they are don’t just say, ‘Homeschool! Private!’ because in most cases the person complaining can’t do those very things or they wouldn’t be talking about the public school system and fails of our school boards to get the kids back in.

Parents need help. I mean, look at that woman and what she felt comfortable SAYING to parents. I wish I could say this is unreal but sadly … it’s all too real. Pray for our kids in Virginia, our teachers who are being pushed into silence by the association, and our parents. – sj



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