You have to wonder if Oliver Darcy realizes he’s Oliver Darcy and that he works for CNN sometimes.

Seriously, talk about zero self-awareness.

Remember over the summer when pundits on CNN literally endorsed the violence we were seeing from Antifa and in some cases BLM? But he wants cable companies to pull Fox News off the air EVEN THOUGH Fox has actually started reporting against the president. What it might really boil down to is he doesn’t like the competition OR he’s jelly that his bro Brian Stelter spends all of his free time watching Fox News and not hanging out with him

Oliver’s obsession with Fox continues.

He really is.

It’s like going to work for CNN just makes people unbearable.

Yup. Without Trump to b*tch about all day every day for hate clicks and taps they’ll soon be fairly irrelevant.

This is CNN.



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