Anytime a Democrat has a plan to ‘fix’ anything, it always involves the government. Mainly because Democrats think people are too stupid to think and do for themselves. To be fair in this case, where Andrew Yang is talking about fixing the media, they may indeed be too stupid to think and do for THEMselves.

Still, government always seems to make things worse.

Those papers closed because people stopped reading.

And sure, it’s only Fox that adopted a political stance.


Who pays for this, Andrew?

Oh, that’s right, taxpayers. So state-funded media? No.

Whoohoo! Let’s regulate the media!


But only social media creators on the Right.

He left that out, we’re sure.


Big tech is shutting down any and all opinions they disagree with, and Andrew referring to them as mini-governments while calling for the government to get involved is even ironic for him.

He could have just stopped after the word ‘behind’.



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