As Twitchy readers know, CNN reporter Rosa Flores made a ginormous gork of herself trying to ‘own’ DeSantis about his ‘slow’ vaccine rollout and as Twitchy readers also know, this didn’t go over so well for her.

Jim Acosta was quick to white knight for his fellow activist:

DeSantis – 2:0

Daily Caller – 2:0

Jim Acosta – 0:200000000000000

Waaaaah, elected officials on the Right don’t let reporters bully and harass them pretending it’s journalism anymore! It’s Trump’s fault.

He HAS to know that we are all going to point and laugh even more at Flores after he comes running to her defense, right?

There’s a reason their approval rating is single digits right now.

Seriously, the media are more unpopular than even Congress.

Jim is teaching them all how to act like Jim.

Good for us, bad for CNN.

Jim thinks badgering people is journalism and then Jim whines when we make fun of him for it.

Like him, she is Twitchy gold.


Activists don’t research, they just shake their fists and make noise.

We have.

Many times.

Awww, we miss these already.

Good times.



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