For reasons that are rather obvious the press has a deep contempt for Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida. He has steadily been opening up his state (students are called back to classrooms this week) and has been putting up Covid statistics that are more impressive than those states enduring full lockdowns. For this, and other media narrative-busting reasons Desantis is frequently the focus of journalistic ire.

With the departure of Donald Trump arriving soon, it only means more harsh coverage will be visited upon him, but DeSantis has shown he can handle himself in the face of press members peacocking in front of him. As Florida is distributing the Coronavirus vaccine that was not supposed to arrive for another year CNN reporter Rosa Flores was all set to ambush the governor over why there are delays today and other issues.

Watch as you can see, DeSantis was in no mood to suffer a fool.

Flores was prepared to unspool a lengthy question loaded with accusatory positions, but DeSantis defanged her effort and she was incapable of diverting from her firmly prepared line of Acosta-like questioning.

It was impressive.

There was a precious detail found in the CNN video

Yes, the press will never fail to make the most of any opportunity to make themselves the center of a story.

Staunchly conservative, effective, and mean to the media — yep, with Trump gone soon it appears DeSantis will be the preferred target of the press.