Mark Cuban going over what ‘we’ learned in 2020 on Twitter may be the most 2020 thing ever.

Seriously, dude?

It’s really not the government’s job to do ANY of that.

No, Mark, what we learned in 2020 is that government cannot stop a virus, and locking down millions and millions of Americans in order to ‘save them’ is effing stupid and a waste of an amazing economy and lifestyle. What we learned is that too many Americans are willing to do as they’re told while other Americans can’t wait to scold and tattle on those who don’t do as they’re told.

What we learned is what we’ve known about government from the get-go and that is the government just makes things worse.

And speaking of making things worse:

Or, maybe more Americans should file their tax returns online which makes the whole direct deposit thing happen anyway.

Crazy, right?

Government debit cards? Like food stamps?


But wait, it gets DUMBER:


Cuban wants your government-issued email to be your social security number … FFS.

Wow, who knew Mark was so bad at this?

Maybe he should just stick with basketball.

And that he thought this was a good thing to tweet about?


Never drink and tweet folks.


And a free pony too!


These people.

Stick with watching other grown men dribble balls.




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