Today is Dr. Fauci’s 80th birthday and for the first time since his children were born he will not spend his birthday with them.


Tomorrow, millions of Americans will go without seeing their family members for the first Christmas in many, many years as well so please spare us the pearl-clutching and ‘oh woe is me’ for ol’ Fauci spending his birthday without his kids. He can Zoom like the rest of us …

As long as Jeffrey Toobin isn’t his son or relative.

Sorry, those jokes will never get old.

We’ve lost count of the number of elected officials who have placed these restrictions on their constituents only to break them. Remember when Fauci got to sit in and watch a baseball game maskless while the rest of us were all locked up inside?

Yeah, we remember.

PLEASE don’t give these people any ideas.

Apparently, he’s special.

Now do those people 80 or older who haven’t been able to see their families in months. Those Americans who had to die alone. Those Americans who couldn’t bury their loved ones.

Yeah, we’re just not feeling all that sorry for ol’ Fauci today.

Not a bit.


Lots of people going through this, unfortunately.

It absolutely does happen, A LOT.

And even more now.

But hey, Happy birthday Fauci.



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