We’re not so sure Christopher Titus should just go by his last name. Actual famous folks who millions of people actually know of can get away with going by one name, like Madonna, Cher, Prince, Foo (kidding) … but him? Eh. Most people don’t even know who this guy is and if this is what he considers comedy, we’re not surprised.

Wonder if he was this mad when Obama pardoned like a bazillion drug dealers, insurance fraudsters, and terrorists:

Remind us once again who the party of hate is.

It’s right on the tip of our tongue … rhymes with Them-oh-rat.


Imagine if someone made a joke like this about Obama?

Wouldn’t count on it.

It would actually have to be considered comedy FIRST to be a crime and then pardoned.

This is just hate-tweeting and trolling.

PLEASE, let’s not give him any ideas.


Not holding our breath.

Guessing Titus has not lost someone he loves to cancer or watched them die. It is a death one should never wish on even their worst enemies, let alone a talk-show host who like us has no idea who Christopher Titus is.

But you know, those hate-clicks on Twitter aren’t going to click themselves.

Also accurate.

People clearly seeing Titus for who and what he is.

Remarkably stupid individual.

Yup, that works here.

This also works.

Sad, ain’t it? The only way anyone pays attention to this guy is if he says horrible crap.

That’s not humor.

That’s pathetic.

Let’s hear it for the Christmas spirit!



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