Journos were so brave and so strong in 2020. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Sorry, that just cracked us TF up.

How many of them were furloughed due to the virus? How many were forced on unemployment or lost their jobs because they can’t be done from home? Really? But they are stronger than they know. We could see writing a letter like this to the nurses and doctors and grocery store clerks and UPS/FedEx/USPS drivers and the MULTITUDE of other workers who showed up for work every day. But journalists? Please.

Then again this is just a news director patting other newsy types on the back SO we’re not entirely surprised it’s completely tone-deaf.

Take a look:

Ironically, we just wrote a story about one of these brave, super-strong journalists complaining about being up early on Christmas Eve BUT THEY ARE STRONGER THAN THEY KNOW.

Their lack of self-awareness is only outdone by legislators who think passing that garbage COVID relief bill was the right thing to do.

What she said.

Hey now, Zoom is very challenging.

Ask Jeffrey Toobin.

They work and they slave and what thanks do they get?!

Life’s tough. Wear a helmet.

We like that.


We really should send Julie a thank-you letter, we seriously needed a laugh this morning.



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