Justin Hart was good enough to put together a thread of several politicians doing what they do best, being giant-a*s hypocrites especially when it comes to COVID regulations. In some cases, his screenshots are of the very elected officials who put the measures in place breaking them.

Good times.

Awwww, Pelosi’s infamous ‘blow-out’.

She turned around and blamed the salon for ‘setting her up,’ remember? And then the salon-owner started getting threats.

And Feinstein not wearing her mask even though she’s clearly in an age group where it would help her.

But wait, there’s more.

Sheesh, Maxine really should put a mask on … for more than one reason.

All of those Democrats celebrating when Biden won.

Protesting over the summer.

COVID apparently doesn’t infect Democrats or something.

Cuomo’s Thanksgiving.

Austin’s mayor partying in another country?

Too funny.

Psh, who could ever forget Newsom’s big dinner party?

And these are just from August … we seem to remember a weekend in May right before Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam put a mask mandate in place when he was caught on the beach with large groups of people completely maskless.

We suppose that’s better than him being caught in blackface or a Klan robe but still.



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