Teacher’s unions have been fighting school choice for years because they care more about protecting crappy schools and crappier teachers than they do making sure kids have access to the best education. You’d think Nikole Hannah-Jones would be making a case FOR school choice where the money would follow the student, not the schools … but no.

Wanting to make sure kids have a choice means someone thinks poorly of Black children?


Where is this happening?



So as we said above, school choice would literally be a way out of that systemic cycle, yes?


Wow, she has a lot of bad takes … just sayin’.


Ding ding ding.


Here are some facts about voucher programs that Hannah-Jones might want to take a gander at:

Whoda thunk it?

The reality of public schools and the unions who protect them.

That’s the story here, the story too few people are willing to talk about.



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