Obama seems to think he had this ‘connection’ with conservatives until mean ol’ Rush Limbaugh and Fox News screwed it up.

Huh. All we can remember from the Obama years is how much he talked down to conservatives, harassed them, insulted them, targeted them with government agencies … that doesn’t exactly seem like a good connection to us.

But hey, what do we know?

From justthenewscom:

“I ended up getting enormous support in these pretty conservative, rural, largely white communities when I was a senator, and that success was repeated when I ran for president in the first race in Iowa,” Obama said during a discussion at PEN America’s virtual gala on Tuesday evening.

“By my second year in office, I’m not sure if I could make that same connection, because now those same people are filtering me through Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and an entire right-wing or conservative media infrastructure that was characterizing me in a way that suggested I looked down on those folks or had nothing in common with them,” he added.

He just sucks.


And we all know how much he loves him some Alinsky.

Tell us ANOTHER one, Obama.

Like how we can keep our doctor if we like our doctor?



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