Remember that time Tulsi Gabbard made Kamala Harris look like a babbling, angry, inexperienced, evil fraud of a woman on live television in front of the entire country? And we all cheered and laughed? Good times.

Funny how that same woman Tulsi embarrassed, the one her own party didn’t even really want, is now one foot fracture from running the country.

Democrats. *sigh*

Anywho, Tulsi once again broke the Democratic Party, this time supporting the First Amendment and respecting freedom of religion. RIGHT?!

What Tulsi said.

Such a bada*s tweet.

Like, other bada*s tweets see her tweet and say, ‘Damn, that’s one bada*s tweet.’


She is what USED to be a Democrat and is sadly a ‘dying breed’ within her party. They are losing out to insane progressive dbags who believe we have 57 genders and want to lock the country down until nobody ever dies again.

We need more sanity on the Left.

We need more Tulsi’s.




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