If you have the word ‘historian’ in your bio you should PROBABLY avoid writing silly tweets that prove you actually don’t know your history all that well. Hey, this editor is far from an expert but everyone knows the South lost the Civil War … and they were Democrats.

Oh, you can’t see Jennifer Wright’s tweet because she deleted it after Twitter started ‘educating’ her about how dumb it was, BUT we snagged a screenshot.

Republicans WON the Civil War, sweetie.

Yikes, right?

But she writes books about it!

Cue the ‘Democrats and Republicans magically switched sides’ BS.

*eye roll*

Dammit, good one.

Doncha hate it when someone is more clever than you?

*shakes fist*

Guess so.

His mentor.


Blah blah blah indeed.

We hee-hawed.

Let’s hear it for common core! Whoohoo union-fueled public schools!


Have we mentioned how dumb everything is?

No? Yes?

Either way …

It just keeps getting dumber and dumber.



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