With so much being reported on social media about the election results, it’s hard to keep track of what is and isn’t new, what is and isn’t real, what is and isn’t worth even considering. At the end of the day, it can begin to feel like so much noise.

Kyle Becker has been tireless in his efforts to share irregularities around the election, and this thread he shared from a pollster caught our attention.

This doesn’t just sound like ‘noise’:

Deeply puzzling.

Keep going.

Many Republicans who refused to vote for him in 2016 did indeed vote for him in 2020.

Trump grew his support among black voters by 50%.


Biden’s support fell below 90%, ‘the level below which Democratic presidential candidates usually lose’.


Arithmetically impossible for a Democrat to win Florida, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Let that sink in.

Outside of a few cities.



Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.

We love seeing that, ‘Republicans enjoyed a red wave in the House.’


Republicans did not lose a SINGLE state legislature in the election.

But Biden won.

Seems … odd. Possible, of course, but odd.

Very odd.

We’re not saying any of this means anything BUT when you see a thread like this from a pollster?

Makes ya’ think.