The GOP is what the Democrats wish they were.

Party of the people.

Party of the working class.

For decades, the Left has pushed the idea that the Right is the party of elitism, money, wealth, and greed. But if you look at the graph Ted Cruz shared, and take into account who Trump supporters really are, that whole narrative gets tossed out the window.

And Ted knows it:

Hollywood supports Democrats.

C’mon, man!

Bill Kristol tried to pick a fight with Ted using a bunch of big words … of course proving Ted’s point:

Is it just us or every time this guy tweets all we ‘hear’ is the sound adults make in Peanuts cartoons.

Others responded to Bill:


Something like that.

Orange man bad? TDS?

Yes, yes he was.

Remember this one?

And he wasn’t the only nob projecting:

We realize Frum-Dumb was probably always pretty unbearable but we used to just ignore him so it wasn’t quite as annoying.

Speaking of annoying:


If Democrats were the party of the working class they’d put up a clean #COVID19 relief bill.

It’s like they don’t realize who really supports Democrats.

Hello, Hollywood.

Hello, Big Tech.

C’mon, man!

So mad.


The reaction on the Left to Ted’s tweet reminds us of how badly they want to pretend they weren’t the party of the Klan and Jim Crow.

Suppose the truth hurts.



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