As the Biden admin desperately tries spinning this disastrous economy (look, you’re paying less for gas but still more than before but hey, you should be grateful), it’s becoming more and more obvious that they either have no idea what the Hell they’re doing OR there is sadly some truth to the ‘conspiracy’ that they’re trying to tear down and rebuild … not better, but what that they think our country should be.

And if that’s the case, that ain’t good.

Americans are losing thousands of dollars under this administration:

From The New York Post:

The average American has lost $4,200 in annual income since President Biden took office — entirely wiping out gains made under the Trump administration, an analysis from the Heritage Foundation shows.

The losses come down to surging inflation and higher interest rates, experts at the conservative think tank said in a Thursday report.

Their analysis found that the average American has lost about $3,000 in annual purchasing power because consumer prices, which have risen 12.7% since January 2021, have spiked significantly faster than wages.

Not to mention what the stock market is doing …


A third of his 401k … gone.

If this is building back better? No thanks.

Ukraine is getting your 401k.

Not entirely inaccurate.

We’re seeing a lot of this.

People have lost so much that they’re scared to even look.

Life-changing … just not in a good way.

These people.

No words.

Down 15%.


There’s a reason Democrats want us focused on abortion and made-up fascism and NOT the economy.



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