Brigitte Gabriel noticed something sort of … well, strange about Kamala Harris.

She hasn’t resigned her Senate seat yet.


Yeah, Kamala, what gives?

It could be that Trump hasn’t conceded but still, you’d think if they were confident in the outcome and moving forward she’d take this final step to become our next Vice President.

Ugh, sorry, just threw up in our mouths a little.

That could be it?

Some believe she already WAS defeated by the people but we don’t want anyone accusing us of PUSHING CONSPIRACY THEORIES WE SEE YOU FACT-CHECKER …

Side note, that really ticks this editor off. For FOUR DAMN YEARS these people claimed Russians magically manipulated the 2016 election but if we question magical dumps (sorry, that sounds gross) and strange mathematical impossibilities we’re CRAZY and wearing TINFOIL while pushing CONSPIRACIES.

Eff those people. Heh.

More accurate than any of us probably wants to admit.

Wouldn’t that be something?



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