Even some Democrats are admitting the Biden win seems off … shocker.

No seriously, we are shocked. We even feel shocked.

This poll from Rasmussen Reports about the integrity of the 2020 election is pretty damn damning.

Take a gander:


Democrats stole or destroyed pro-Trump ballots in several states. Half the country believes that.

No wonder Joe is working so hard (or whoever it is writing his tweets) to pretend we are united. He knows nearly 1 in 2 Americans think he’s a cheater.

Sure, the idea that nearly half the country thinks Biden cheated is big, but that 30% of that half are Democrats?


And yet none of us are laughing.

They’re too busy talking about his new cat.

It definitely could be.

Except they did try to hide it by treating anyone who questions the results as an INSANE CONSPIRACY THEORIST!


This week could get bumpy folks … eat yer Wheaties.



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