Russia. Whoda’ thunk?

Oh, that’s right, anyone paying any attention to the Left for the past four years. It’s funny really (and we don’t mean funny haha, we mean funny annoying AF) that the same people who spent the last four years insisting Trump really didn’t beat Hillary because RUSSIA are giving Republicans a hard time for questioning the results of the 2020 election. Biden got more votes than Obama? C’mon man!

Especially people like Neera Tanden, who it sounds like has a new gig with the Biden administration.

She was doing her part to try and make Trump seem like an illegitimate president way back when …

Good times!

She can’t delete them quickly enough.

You can do it, Neera!

Oh, wait.

No, you can’t.

Twitter is forever.

Nice mask in the avi. She is super safe now.

*eye roll*

Something like that.


Our minds are officially blown.

A tried and true Hillary-ite, through and through.


Great choice, Sleepy Joe.

Way to refill that swamp.



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