As Twitchy readers know, Ted Cruz sort of broke Democrats yesterday when he pointed out they are officially the party of the rich while more and more, the GOP is the party of the working class. Ted wasn’t just making things up, he had a nifty graph and everything …

Look at how it’s changed over time.

Guess when ‘Big Tech’ and Hollywood are on your side you really are the party of the rich.

Of the elite.

Of the out of touch.

Take for example, Alyssa Milano:

Oooh … sit down.

She’s so edgy, talking to a senator like that.

And c’mon, she just proved his point. Wealthy, Hollywood-type babbling about a minimum wage she thinks will help the little people … Democrats really do talk down to others, don’t they? It’s obnoxious.

Ted responded in kind:

Because the press DOES cover for them and they have for years.

Decades maybe.

Vapid is a word we do not use nearly enough.

Hence the party of the rich.




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