The Associated Press wants everyone to know that forced isolation via the pandemic was somehow a GOOD thing. People started gardening and stuff!

Remember when the AP was something you could trust? Good times.

From the AP:

Staring at your face on Zoom for hours instead of occasionally glimpsing it in the mirror. Living out the days in loungewear. Wearing minimal makeup because no one sees much of you. Considering an investment in home exercise equipment because gyms are closed or restricted.

The pandemic has forced people to spend more time with themselves than ever. Along the way, it has reshaped and broadened the way many think about and prioritize how they treat themselves — what has come to be called self-care.

The pandemic-era incarnation of self-care isn’t about buying a signature outfit, wearing a trendy shade of lipstick or getting a perfect haircut. It has, for many, put the purpose and meaning of life front and center, reconfiguring priorities and needs as the virus-inflicted months drift by. No longer are worries about longevity and fears of mortality mere hypotheticals. They are 2020′s reality.

Sorry, we sort of stopped paying attention for a second.

What a tone-deaf, awful article.

As well as addicts and fueled domestic abuse but sure … people are gardening more now! Yay!

Don’t ask them that … they could definitely be more out of touch.

See CNN.




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