The media have spent the last four years trying to find a way to beat Trump. From screaming about his tweets to pushing a now-debunked Russia collusion narrative they have done everything possible to hurt the president and as such, his re-election chances. To be fair, this editor doesn’t know that any Republican could have withstood the coordinated hatred and vile sabotaging going on by a supposedly unbiased media.

They’ve proven themselves more activist than journalist.

Mickey White penned the perfect thread about how many Americans can never trust anything the media say, again:


Remember that nugget?

Idiots are still claiming he said that so clearly the media did their job.

They wanted us hopeless, beaten, afraid, and alone. Human beings are never more easily influenced or controlled than when they are scared.


They did indeed.

On that note though, without Trump to b*tch about 24/7, we’re not sure what the media will do for clicks and taps. Their readers won’t care about their slobbering all over Biden and Harris being the dream team articles … the hate clicks were what was keeping them going.

And now?

So let’s be honest, in the end, the media have done far more damage to themselves than Trump.



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