Awww, good to see our friendly firefighters back in their normal habitat, cheering on everything the Democrats do. It must have been such a grueling last four years having to b*tch and moan about Trump 24/7 … wonder how quickly they’re going to realize how much they’re going to lose now that they don’t have Trump-hate fueling their readership.

Like this from CNN’s Bianna Golodryga:

WHOOHOO! Back to establishment politics!


So ridiculous that it garnered Richard Grenell’s attention:

Just get her some pom-poms already and be done with it.

She fired back.

He’s a troll because she doesn’t like being called out for cheerleading.

Too bad.

Richard ended it:

The guy has a point, just sayin’.


Absolutely true.

Trump truly woke Americans up to the bias that is truly ingrained in traditional media.

And none of us are going back to sleep.



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