This guy is … nuts.

And gross.

And nuts.

Did we say that already?

Our bad.

LOOK at this hot mess of stupid:

Meanwhile, smarter, more sane people on the Right are losing accounts for using the word ‘pansy.’ But Michael Rapaport is allowed to spew some of the foulest, most obnoxious crap we’ve seen on Twitter without even a warning.

Kristy Swanson leveled him, and Jack:

Way to kill two birds with one stone, Kristy.

Because Jack is anti-Amerca, anti-The People, and anti-Christmas?

Yeah, this was pretty awful, even for Rapaport.

Is it just us or does it look like his face is about to pinch in on itself?

He’s been in a couple of decent movies.

Otherwise, all he’s known for is being insane on Twitter.

We’re not holding our breath.



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