Frank Luntz seems obsessed with Steve Cortes’ tweets. Seriously. When we saw this tweet from Cortes challenging Luntz to a real debate we went and looked at Luntz’s timeline and SO MUCH of it is just him quote-tweeting (aka drawing attention to and possibly mocking him for his followers) with very little actual engagement.

It’s sort of like a subtweeting hot mess of loser-ville.

We don’t blame Cortes for finally calling Luntz out:

Sounds good.

Hell, we’d watch that.

Surely Luntz accepted since he spends so much time ‘correcting’ Cortes on his own timeline.

Yeah …


He thought this was a dunk.



Too late for that.

That does look like a toupee … right?

We didn’t want to say anything but well, yikes.

Luntz ‘man up’?

We’re not holding our breath.



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