Three cheers for Waffle House!

Yummm … waffles.

Waffle House CEO told politicians locking their states down AGAIN (and those contemplating it) to have a nice refreshing glass of STFU juice. But he said it nicer and stuff.

From Business Insider:

As COVID cases surge across the US, Waffle House CEO Walt Ehmer does not want to shut down indoor dining. And, he really does not want the government to force him to do so.

“A lockdown is going to put a lot of people out of work,” Ehmer told Business Insider. “It’s really not about the business — it’s about the people. These people have jobs, they have livelihoods, they need to take care of their families.”

All but two of Waffle House’s 1,920 locations across America are currently serving food indoors. While roughly 700 Waffle House locations temporarily shuttered during early pandemic lockdowns, putting 28,000 hourly workers out of a job, only 20 remain closed today.

“The only reason we think that we would shut a dining room down at this point is if the local government made us do so,” Ehmer said.

So stuff it.

We need so many more to get with it.

Rules for thee but not for me.




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