Once again, Monty Python legend John Cleese is trending on Twitter because he upset a bunch of social justice zombies. Cleese, having the audacity to think for himself and tell jokes … the nerve.

To be perfectly honest his timeline is such a mess this morning that we’re not entirely sure how to follow all of it BUT from what we can see it appears he went on for hours battling some of the more unhinged and frothy-mouthed types on Twitter.

These folks would save themselves a ton of time and trouble if they’d just figure out that it’s ok to have a sense of humor and to think differently but oh no.

Here we are … again.

Thinking it may have started here:

A fairly nothing-burger of a tweet.

But as we all know, nobody makes a ridiculous fight about something fairly menial better than social justice zombies:


Yeah, what?

THERE ya’ go.

John is apparently a bad guy for standing with JK Rowling.

These delicate creatures get angry about so many things, it’s hard to keep track.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if John is a conservative in any way, shape, or form … no.

Proving again what Bill Maher actually said a week ago when he went on a rant about how Democrats really didn’t WIN anything with this election because the social justice fringe movement they’ve enabled does not appeal to even most Democrats, let alone people in general.

Wait, there’s more.

John Cleese annoys these folks almost as much as William Shatner does.




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