We hate to break it to Jake Tapper, but the media calling the presidential race for Joe Biden doesn’t really make it an official thing so Trump working to prove irregularities from the election is not him ‘trying to overturn it.’ It’s called verifying and making sure the results were legitimate.

But Jake doesn’t care, he’s too busy waggling his little finger at GOP Senators for their ‘silence.’

Look at this hot mess:

So no more Russia Russia Russia?

They’ll be shocked … SHOCKED … and outraged that Republican Senators would oppose Biden’s EO to do XYZ and they’ll rail against them trying to stomp on our Democracy or some other happy horse crap. Yup.

Considering what a nutball lunatic Olbermann is, ouch.

Ouch again.


It’s a mystery.


This. ^

But Gore was not the bad orange man so it was AOK.

If we never have to hear that crap again it will be too soon.



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