Things must be settling down somewhat in the country if people have time to start complaining about those evil, white, straight men again. For being such a privileged class they sure are crapped on a lot …

Like Noam Blum aka @neontaster pointed out in a fairly poignant tweet:

Ruinous. What a great word.

But their man parts, their preference for the opposite sex, and their skin color make their lives so easy and stuff! They just sort of fall out of the womb and BOOM, easy life.

Sorry, that’s just too funny.

As you can imagine, Blum being overly honest about what this country has done with messaging when it comes to straight white men brought out a good deal of unhinged:

So being honest that there are plenty of straight, white men out there who struggle is playing the victim.

Ok, white guy.

What he said.

Evil white men are EVIL … or something.

Ok, not really but you know that whole ‘white male privilege’ narrative from the media must be upheld. GAWD forbid we get honest about issues that face all Americans because it’s far easier to blame a bunch of nameless, faceless straight white guys.

No, it’s not complicated.

It’s just stupid.

Opioid overdoses and addiction couldn’t care less about skin color or who you fall in love with.

But white guys, sorry, STRAIGHT white guys have it so easy and stuff!



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