Teacher’s unions suck. Sorry, not sorry.

Ok fine, Bethany Mandel said it way better than we did.

She usually does:

They are the only ones who have fought against the idea of being essential. Grocery store clerks, retail, child care workers, doctors, nurses, first responders … they’ve all gone back. But for whatever reason the teachers’ unions don’t want our teachers to be seen as the essential employees we know they are. And this is going on all ACROSS THE COUNTRY, kids being robbed of an in-person education by politically driven and sideways union members deliberately terrifying teachers so they can continue lining their pockets with their dues.

For pretending to care about students and teachers they have done a really crappy job so far.


And pathetic.

Not a single one.


They care about dues. That’s it.


They have done so much damage to the reputation of this time-honored profession and to the teachers themselves.

Hope they’re happy.



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