Nothing to see here. Just some jacka*s openly tweeting about deprogramming tens of millions of Americans.

And he thinks THEY’RE the problem.

We suppose fascists are gonna fascist.

Because deprogramming isn’t fascist or anything. Nope.

Comparing Trump supporters to post-WWII Germany or Japan.


The irony of this thread is probably lost on this guy.

And he has a blue check.

We see you, Jack.

Gosh, people are upset because this a-hole wants them deprogrammed? The nerve.

Not a word about the riots, statues toppled, public property destroyed, looting …

And we can’t stop laughing at the idea that he thinks OTHER people are the brainwashed ones.

Seriously, we read a lot of stupid tweets and even stupider threads, but this one is off-the-charts moronic.

Aren’t you glad we shared it with you?


What, are they gonna write more mean things about conservatives on Twitter?




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