Remember the time Wajahat Ali was on with Don Lemon and that tool Rick Wilson and they all three made fun of Trump supporters, calling them stupid and racist? Welp, now he’s claiming that he tried to reach out to Trump supporters but it ‘wasn’t worth it’ because you know, they’re all racists and idiots and stuff.

Notice how quickly he’s playing the victim here:

From The New York Times:

I did my part. What was my reward? Listening to Trump’s base chant, “Send her back!” in reference to Representative Ilhan Omar, a black Muslim woman, who came to America as a refugee. I saw the Republican Party transform the McCloskeys into victims, even though the wealthy St. Louis couple illegally brandished firearms against peaceful BLM protesters. Their bellicosity was rewarded with a prime time slot at the Republican National Convention where they warned about “chaos” in the suburbs being invaded by people of color. Their speech would have fit well in ”The Birth of a Nation.”

We cannot help people who refuse to help themselves. Trump is an extension of their id, their culture, their values, their greed. He is their defender and savior. He is their blunt instrument. He is their destructive drug of choice.

It’s not his fault Trump supporters are too dumb to listen to him explain why they’re too dumb.

If we roll our eyes any further back in our heads we’ll see China.

Yup, we were right, we rolled our eyes even further back in our heads and while we couldn’t see China, we saw part of Alaska. Does that count?

Good times.

Now now, surely he wouldn’t have made up an entire piece to claim he met with people he didn’t just to continue feeding his desired narrative that Trump supporters are racist and stupid like he said back in January.




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