Man oh man, beta men (and the bizarre women who love them) lost their minds over Candace Owens talking about how lacking ‘manly men’ are in today’s America. Whether or not you cared about Harry Styles wearing a dress (this editor did not), Candace brought up a fairly good point in that our modern-day society mocks masculinity and calls it toxic.

David French for example decided to go after Trump with the manly man argument. We get that’s all he knows how to do anymore but c’mon man!

@ProteinWisdom put together a pretty badas* thread about Trump and everything he’s gotten done as president.

Take a look.

But wait, there’s more.

A whole lot more.

All day this.


Full transparency, we had to look up Potemkin.

Great word.

When you look at Trump this way … he nailed his job.

Sit down, Dave, and no, you can’t share our sundae.



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