We are so tired of the word ‘woke’.

Unless, of course, we have an opportunity to make fun of people using it like it actually matters.

Like this from Dan Arel, who incidentally has this editor blocked for some reason.

So woke he fell asleep then woke back up again.


We happen to agree with James Lindsay when it comes to what the opposite of ‘woke’ really is … it’s called REALITY.

Dan’s claim didn’t go over so hot:


More ouch.


Woke-ism is a sign of bending the knee.

Caving to the mob.

Fearing cancel culture.

Spouting revisionist history.

Putting people into convenient boxes to pretend you care about them when you pander to them with boring talking points.

All of that.

The ‘traitors’.

Right, Democrats?

What Justin said.



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