Don’t worry about the surge in COVID cases folks, AOC has the perfect plan to get the virus under control.

Seriously super genius level here.

You know the face you make when someone says something soooo stupid that you’re not sure if they’re a parody or not so you’re holding back making fun of them just in case they really are a parody or maybe telling a joke? Yup, just made that face.

And sadly, she’s not a parody.

And this is no joke.

Well, in a way she is but not on purpose.

This we might be able to get behind.

Many, many, many jobs simply can’t be done at home.

But elitists like Sandy Ocasio-Cortez don’t get that.

We see what he did here.

And sounds like a plan.

We’re really starting to think very few if any politicians are essential.

This was dumb even for AOC.



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