A week after thousands of Biden supporters took to the streets to celebrate a Biden ‘win,’ we’re seeing governors and other public officials starting to shut down states and reinstate draconian regulations to ‘stop the spread.’ Not seeing a whole lot from the media condemning those ‘super spreader’ events because you know, like the BLM riots over the summer, COVID doesn’t apparently infect people who voted for Biden.

It is all so damn frustrating and annoying.

Sounds like people aren’t going to be as open to ‘obeying’ COVID restrictions this time around. Wonder why?

Peter Cook wrote a fairly exceptional thread about what happens when our public officials break and abuse the public trust … as they have over and over and over again these past few months.

Should have known better, did know better, and still didn’t care.

Exactly. Two weeks turned into nine months.


Gosh, ‘letting’ thousands of people riot and or celebrate while condemning funerals, weddings, and other life events didn’t play out very well for these public officials. Wonder why?

And nobody trusts them.

At all.

So. Much. This.

Wait, the government can’t stop a virus?!


Ding ding ding.

Nailed it.



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