TIME magazine is super worried about America since Trump has not conceded.

Poor things.

From TIME:

As Trump barricades himself in his presidential palace like a cut-rate caudillo, experts in both parties regard his petulant performance as the last throes of a tantrum, not a slow-motion coup. None of his actions to date violate the laws that control certification of election victory and the transfer of executive authority. But the drama at GSA is just a taste of what Trump can do on his way out. He fired the Defense Secretary via tweet on Nov. 9, the beginning of what could be a broader purge of officials perceived as insufficiently loyal. Over the final weeks of his presidency, he could issue Executive Orders and pardons, impose tariffs, make or unwind international agreements and destroy potentially embarrassing records. “Trump retains the powers of the presidency until noon on Jan. 20,” says Rosa Brooks, a Georgetown Law professor who convened a series of transition simulations earlier this year, “and the only meaningful limit on his ability to use those powers, frankly, is the degree to which members of his inner circle put pressure on him to cut it out–or not.”

Presidential palace?


Derek Hunter set them straight:

Calm yourselves, TIME. Sheesh.

Right? If only it were funny.



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