This Vox story from July 14, 2014 is oddly relevant for what we’re seeing right now with the 2020 election.

Even back THEN, 68% of Americans thought elections were rigged.


Wonder if that’s even higher now? *we bet it is*

Interesting, right?

You know what’s even more interseting?

Ron Klain, the guy Biden has chosen for his Chief of Staff, saying elections ARE rigged.


This looks really bad.

But let’s be honest, if anyone knows about cheating it’s Democrats.

Mollie Hemingway chimed in:

Things that make you go hmmm.

Oh, are they, Ron?

Tell us more.

We’re all ears.

Ain’t it though?


And he’d know, right?


Editor’s note: We fixed a typo – Chief of Staff. – sj



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