Ken Klippenstein is a reporter at The Nation.

Ken tweeted Richard Grenell and asked him to thank his grandpa for his service.

Richard was good enough to privately ask him his grandpa’s name.

That someone just so happened to be war criminal, Bill Calley.

Ken thought it was funny to embarrass Richard by pretending his grandpa was war criminal, Calley.

Ken is a douchebag.

Don’t be like Ken.

Then Ken asked people to donate to his Patreon.

As we said above, don’t be Ken.

Richard did eventually respond when all of the little blue-check journos and pundits took glee in his good nature causing him to be duped by a really disgusting and sad loser on Twitter. He was far more gracious than this editor would have been.

It is a shame people would do something like this on Veteran’s Day.

And sadly we’re not the least bit surprised.

DC really is a sick city.

Pretty much.

He’s got a long way to go BUT he’s certainly on his way.

Was pretty much just a self-own. Yup.