Joe Biden told a lot of WHOPPERS during his final debate with Trump, but the one about the Obama administration never separating children from their parents at the border was YUGE. Obama himself said he wanted it to be a deterrent for those illegally crossing the border but whatever, Sleepy Joe.

This thread has ALL the receipts, and then some:

And clearly, he did a quick Google search:

Border policies are only fascist when it’s a Republican in office, duh.

Guess so.

Them’s the rules.

We honestly don’t remember Joe talking about much when he was VP, except when he told Black Americans Romney would put them back in chains and asked some guy in a wheelchair to stand up. Oh yeah, and that hot mic moment where he called Obamacare a big f’ing deal …

Class act, Joe.

Hey, we’re that old too because we remember it as well.

Let’s be fair though, Biden thinks he’s running for re-election as Obama’s VP most of the time, except when he thinks he’s running for the Senate.

Not even once.

Don’t worry. Biden has accomplished little other than one of the most racist crime bills in history over the past 47 years but NOW he’ll fix the mess he helped create. Or something.

No. Hell no.




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