Sounds like the FBI will be interviewing Tony Bobulikski, the Biden family insider turned whistleblower.


Huh, guess that means they aren’t buying the Russian disinformation BS, eh Joe?

Mountains of evidence.

This is gettin’ good.

Fair point.

But Biden said it was Russia or something.

We saw this too but it looks like the interview itself is a go …

An interesting side note about this tweet, it was hidden by Twitter claiming it contained offensive content. In fact, every tweet explaining the interview wasn’t postponed was hidden. Just sayin’.

Hu and zzah.


Gosh, we’re starting to sense Americans don’t trust the FBI. Huh, wonder why.



Since The Lincoln Project’s got NOTHIN’ but bullying Melania (again) you KNOW Trump won the final debate and they can’t DEAL

And THEY make fun of Trump?! HA! Lots and lots and LOTS of blue-check libs don’t know what a coyote is (screenshots)

She’s not owned! She’s NOT! Georgia Dem Rep who didn’t know what a ‘coyote’ was DOUBLES down and LOL

MALARKEY! Media trying to protect Sleepy Joe Biden after his comments on closing the oil industry just makes him look WORSE