You’d think after The Lincoln Project was caught peddling Iranian disinformation to hurt Trump and intimidate voters they’d be a little more careful about what they tweet or quote-tweet, but nope. Seems the Rick Wilson Klan can’t resist bullying Melania Trump.

Says a lot about who they are and ain’t none of it good.

Now we watched the video and honestly to us it looks like she may have lost her balance at the point she pulls her hand away; those heels are incredibly high and that carpet is incredibly lush. But if it gives them a Trump-hate chubby to pretend she didn’t want to hold his hand more power to them.

Yup. If they’re focused on the way Melania held his hand they got nothin’.


It’s all they have.



And THEY make fun of Trump?! HA! Lots and lots and LOTS of blue-check libs don’t know what a coyote is (screenshots)

She’s not owned! She’s NOT! Georgia Dem Rep who didn’t know what a ‘coyote’ was DOUBLES down and LOL

MALARKEY! Media trying to protect Sleepy Joe Biden after his comments on closing the oil industry just makes him look WORSE

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