As Twitchy readers know, The New Yorker has suspended Jeffrey Toobin for exposing himself during a Zoom work call. Or as it’s been referred to in social media, the Zoom D*ck Incident. Toobin’s excuse was that he didn’t know his camera was on.

We have questions of course that have nothing to do with his camera, you know, like why TF would he take out his junk during a work call in the first place.

CNN released this statement on the ‘incident’:

Some time off while he deals with a personal issue.

Alrighty then.

You do that, CNN.

Sounds like a personal issue and problem.

And we don’t want to know ANY of the answers.

Thank you very much.



This reminds us a little of the time Eric Swalwell farted on national television.

A little.

And we’re done here.



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