But you know, Politifact isn’t biased or anything.

Brit Hume fact-checking the fact-checkers is ultimate Twitter:

This is something else.

Wait, sorry. This is a classic.

From Politifact:

The photo appears to be legitimate. But the words on the label are being misinterpreted as evidence to suggest that masks are not effective.

One person who posted the picture wrote: “Gee….wonder how many people are gonna tell me I haven’t done my research now? Black and white. Right there. Even the people making the masks know it’s all bull.”

But that’s not what this photo shows. This is a misunderstanding about the kind of protection standard masks provide and a misreading of the disclaimer, which isn’t saying the masks are ineffective at limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Don’t believe your lying eyes!


Ummm …

It is indeed exhausting.

They don’t call ’em Politifact for nothin’.



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