One of the most annoying things we’ve seen ‘on the Right’ since Trump won is this division wherein certain members believe they not only own Conservatism but they’ll vote for a Democrat to protect it.

Or something.

We didn’t say it was smart, we said it was annoying.

Outlets like The Bulwark, The Dispatch, and The Lincoln Project have worked harder than any progressive group to hurt Trump … and why? Because he’s not polished enough. He’s not a politician. He says mean things. Hey, this editor was Never Trump in 2016 BUT having seen what he’s been able to accomplish, that has changed. One would have to be completely blind to good policy not to support Trump at this point in the game.

ProteinWisdom’s thread spells this out in pretty spectacular detail:

The Lincoln Project is NOTHING like Lincoln.

But we digress.

Keep going.

You’d think true conservatives would support what Trump has done instead of fighting him. Then again, when Trump turned Steve Schmidt down for a job that sort of broke him … not to mention it appears that Trump hate is fairly lucrative.

Treat them accordingly.




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