As Twitchy readers know, Twitter forced Dr. Scott Atlas to remove a tweet that included a story debunking lockdowns and masks as the go-to solution for COVID and then locked his account. When he finally tweeted this morning (which we assume was after his timed lockdown ended) he sent a message to Twitter.

Hope Dr. Scott Atlas got a receipt after he owned Twitter with this one.

We sincerely wish someone would tell Big Tech ‘1984’ was a work of fiction, not a manual.

Scary stuff.

Orwell must have read it in a fortune cookie or something.

So we’re totally joking but even we can’t ignore the spooky coincidences we’re seeing in real-life that took place in that book.

We’re shocked the Left hasn’t put ‘1984’ on a ‘do not read’ list, like Huckleberry Finn.

Let’s not give them any ideas.

Should be required reading.




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